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The situation must be changed for the good of millions of people, and really, the rest of the world. We will work together to realize the dream of One Korea,  establishing a shining example for generations to come.

“The Korean people share one dream: To live in One Korea we can all be proud of.  Since time immemorial, the Korean people have longed for a model country; one guided by universal principles, shared moral values, and the rule of law, guaranteeing the basic human rights and freedoms endowed to all people by the Creator, as the foundation for a just and prosperous society.”

Stand Together for a United Korea

15th August @ 3pm, Lincoln Memorial at Washington D.C.

New Unification Song

A team of renowned music producers—composer Kim Hyung Seok, musical director Koleen Park, and lyricist Kim Eana —announced they are producing a new song to capture the spirit of unification

One Dream, One Korea

“Koreans had one identity for thousands of years until only 70 years ago when global ideological divides imposed this unnatural, artificial and unfair separation of the people and their land. But the spirit and the resolve for reunification is increasingly found manifest in the hearts and minds of the Korean people today.”

Event Shuttle Annoucements
Looking for a Road to Peace and Reconciliation in Korea

Looking for a Road to Peace and Reconciliation in Korea

Experience with the DPRK testifies that excessive pressure and coercion had led to greater suspicion and hostility, while engagement and respect for certain positions shaped by history’s legacies has brought about cooperation and compromise. An address by Dr. Alexander Zhebin, Director, Center for Korean Studies, Institute of Far Eastern Studies.

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One Dream One Korea with English Subtitles

One Dream One Korea with English Subtitles If one person has a dream, it is just a dream But if all people share that dream it becomes a reality One Dream One KoreaLYRICSWe were never different Don’t forget that fact We fully missed each other Let’s meet now, I am on my way Let’s...

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