About the One Korea Global Campaign

The One Korea Global Campaign is growing popular movement to expand Korean-led grassroots initiatives and international support to advance the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Lend your voice to help the Korean people fulfill their hope for reunification and end the conflict and human rights crisis on the peninsula.
The One Korea Global Campaign is a popular movement to expand Korean-led initiatives and international support to achieve the dream of a free, just and unified Korean peninsula. Take Action for the Korean Dream Today.


The work of building a free, indepdendent, democratic and prosperous Korea rests in the hands of the Korean people.

Action for Korea United is a civil society alliance of more than 900 organizations that is spearheading a movement to build consensus among Koreans from North, South and the diaspora around a shared vision and founding principles for a reunified Korea.

International Forums

Forums addressing social and economic reforms needed to facilitate reunification have convened policy experts and public officials.

Unification Talks / Concert Series

These campus-based events are engaging university students throughout South Korea with the topic of reunification.

Korean History and Cultural Tours

Diaspora Koreans and native Koreans visit historic sites to study the virtues of Korean culture that serve as a common ground for reunification.

Shared Identity

Sharing circles and ping pong tournaments support resettlement and develop rapport with North Korean refugees.

Cultural Campaigns

Cultural campaigns like the New Unification Song Campaign and the One K Global Concert Tour are building intergenerational awareness and support.

Economic Empowerment

Economic capacity building programs, ENM (Educating + Networking + Mentoring), connect North Korean defectors with South Korean Entrepreneurs.

Study Circle / Classes

Koreans of all ages study their past and present and develop creative ways to support the vision of a united Korean.

Everyday Life

The Everyday Unification Campaign has brought reunification into the daily life of households which make pledges to Korean reunification.

Promoting a Culture of Service

Through local and overseas volunteer opportunities, Koreans are putting into practice the ethic of Hongik Ingan, “to live for the benefit of humanity.”

Global Support

Global support for Korean unification is critical for advancing peace, prosperity and respect for human rights in the region.

The One Korea Global Campaign is building a ground swell of global support for Korean reunification through ongoing initiatives that engage all sectors of society.

Global Forums

Forums in the United States, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India and Ireland bring focus to the situation on the Korean peninsula while addressing regional dynamics, historical and recent trends, implications and approaches of reunification, and social and economic reforms needed to prepare for reunification.

Korean Diaspora

Alliance for Korea United represents Korean diaspora communities around the world committed to Korean reunification. Over 6 million ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea are a powerful force in the work of creating a united, free and just Korea.

One K Concerts

One K Concerts use celebrity power to build broad international awareness and support for Korean reunification.