Dr. Jai-Poong Ryu


One Korea Foundation

Dr. Jai Poong Ryu, is Professor emeritus, Loyola University, Maryland. He graduated from Law College/SNU and received a doctorate in sociology from the University of Minnesota. While teaching/research in the areas of macro-sociological interpretation of history, conflict resolution, demography, and social institutions, Dr. Ryu also served (1988-2000) as an advisor to Mayors Schmoke and O’Malley and to the US Census Bureau in decennial census undertakings in Baltimore, Maryland.

Upon 2012 retirement after 42 years of university teaching, Dr. Ryu founded the One Korea Foundation, Inc. (OKF) serving as its president & CEO. The OKF conducts activities with the purpose of steering the U.S. public opinion supporting ROK President’s Dresden proposals for unification. In early 2015 OKF formed One Korea Coalition (OKC) in partnership with Global  Peace Foundation and 600 groups in Korea and the United States. In 2015 for the 70th anniversary commemoration of Korea’s liberation and division, OKC embarked upon One Dream One Korea Campaign to promote the new Declaration for One Korea (DOK) and the new Song for One Korea (SOK). Dr. Ryu serves OKC as its Co-chair.