Korea Times, April 30 2015

The “New Campaign for Unification Song Release” committee held a press conference at the press center in Jung-gu Seoul on April 30. The committee is comprised of various NGOs, the seven great world religions and overseas Koreans.

They committee announced that: in honor of the 70th anniversary of Liberation Day, they will be releasing a Unification Song that everyone can sing together. Composer Hyung Suk Kim, Lyrist Eana Kim and 33 K-pop singers are participating in the creation and performing of the song. Director Ms. Park, Kolleen will host a concert on September 19 (World Cup Stadium).

The song and music video will be released on August 15th. A concert and campaign event will also be held in Japan and the USA. Second generation Korean businessman in the USA, Mr. Marcus Ryu donated 1,000,000 USD to the efforts. Mr. Marcus Ryu’s father, Dr. Jai Ryu, Emeritus Professor Loyola University, announced that a unification event will be hosted at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 15th.”




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