1919-2019 March 1 Movement Centenary

Artists for One Korea
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The One K Korean Art Festival focuses on Korea’s shared heritage, while invoking the spirit of the March 1 Movement and the hope for a new united Korea that can contribute to peace on the peninsula, Asia and the world. Organized by the Korean Artist Association, an association of 40,000 worldwide members and 160 branches, the exhibition seeks to foster cultural exchange between North and South Korea in preparation for reunification.

North and South Korean Artwork isplayed in seoul. 

Featuring the work of Korean artists from around the world, with a special collection of North Korean fine arts and embroidery, the exhibitions will also enable representative artists from the North and South Korea to have direct exchange with each other. The exhibition will travel to Pyongyang, North Korea following its Seoul show.

pop Art Public Mural Festival

Public art has been a powerful platform to raise awareness on critical global issues. Pop and Pop ENT Creative Company, which represents 30 influential young artists from Korea, will coordinate a dynamic public art project that integrates social media and contemporary art in honor of the March 1 centenary.
The Public Art Festival, entitled “One K 100 Years of History,” will feature a live production of five murals depicting major events since the March 1 1919 Movement: the March 1 Movement, Korean Liberation, the Korean War, the tragedy of the subsequent division and present-day Korea at the Yeouido New Construction Building.

Few non-Koreans know the heritage and history of the Korean people, including the tragic division that continues to today. Top Korean documentary director Chang-soo Lee and award-winning London based documentary filmmaker Stu McCardle have teamed up to document the impact of the 70-year division and the culture, language and history that still endures.

Through up-close interviews of Koreans from North and South, and abroad, the team has presented the story of the Korean people, their shared history and heritage as a people who have lived as one for 5,000 years, the pain of division, and their common hope to become one again. The film will commemorate the March 1 centennial in 2019.

The International Art Contest is encouraging artists, young and older, to envision the Korean Dream in their artwork. Submissions will be displayed at the March 1 Centenary activities. Contact gpw.info@globalpeace.org for contest details.

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