The ‘One Dream One Korea’ initiative held an event on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial in support of Korean Reunification on Saturday. Despite the heat, crowds gathered from all over the D.C. area to join in on the campaign. Among the speakers was Gerald Durley, Pastor Emeritus of Providence Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia, who had been at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. Martin Luther King. He linked Dr. King’s seminal “I have a dream speech” and the dream for unifying the Korean people, “Today is powerful…Today we stand with one dream. One nation. One purpose. One people, coming together for one cause, the cause of freedom,”

The performers of the event included K-Pop stars, Yangpa and Na Yoon Kwon as well as several dance and music companies.

Speakers and spectators agreed that while reunification will be difficult, unification of the two Koreas could happen “within their lifetime.”

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