A monumental collaboration project between some of Korea’s most talented individuals in the music industry will come together to release a song and music video, to be released on August 15th, Korea’s Liberation Day.

The release will take place at a special event at the Lincoln Memorial on August 15 at 3pm.

Well-known composer, Kim Hyung-suk, musical director, Kolleen Park, and lyricist Kim Eana will be at the forefront of this project. Kpop boy group, B1A4, is one of 33 celebrities expected to participate in this musical project.

The composer, writer of more than 1,000 songs spoke of his personal investment in the Unification song and Korean unification in general, “I vividly remember my grandparents crying when they watched the unions of separated families on TV. I will compose the song with that sentiment.”

All proceeds from this project will be donated to NGO’s involved in Korean unification.

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(The Cover Image features the KPOP boy group, B4A1, IMAGE SOURCE)