Economic Forum Hyun Jin MoonDr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is the author of the award-winning book Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea.

As founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, a founding member of Action for Korea United, an unprecedented coalition of 900 civil society organizations in Korea, Dr. Moon has provides ongoing leadership for the One Korea Global Campaign, an growing Korean-led  grassroots movement for Korean reunification.

A Korean native, Dr. Moon grew up a child of a divided homeland and knows firsthand the heartache of not knowing the fate of loved ones. Each family separation is a human tragedy, rooted in personal histories that continue to this day.

In Korean Dream, Dr. Moon calls on Koreans in the South, the North and the diaspora to take charge to rediscover their 5,000-year-old heritage and destiny and lead the reunification effort. Rooted in the philosophy of Hongik Ingan or “living for the benefit of all humanity,” Korean Dream empowers the Korean people to embrace their founding principles to build a model nation that honors the dignity and freedoms of its people, and ultimately brings “broad benefit” to all humanity.

“When we Koreans, in both North and South, look at our common history, the current 70-year division is but a drop in the ocean of centuries of shared experiences, traditions, and culture,” said Dr. Moon. “To achieve unification, we must revive the core ideals that still burn deep within the Korean consciousness.”