Highlights from our December Forum

International Forum on One Korea 2017:

Solutions to the Korean Peninsula Crisis

DECEMBER 7-8, 2017 | SEOUL

The National Unification Advisory Council

Global Peace Foundation and co-convener Action for Korea United, in conjunction with the EastWest Institute held a timely forum that provided a platform for leading global experts to address and discuss Solutions to the Korean Peninsula Crisis related to the end game of unification long sought by Koreans.

This fora in Seoul will advance a multi-track One Korea initiative and build global cooperation for Korean-led reunification and freedom initiatives with civil society and national stakeholders. Building on the premise of Korean leadership and collaboration among northeast Asian nations.

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Chairman, Global Peace Foundation

Dr. William Parker

Chief Operating Officer, EastWest Institute

Dr. Charles Morrison

Senior Fellow, East West Center

Dr. Madhay Das Nalapat

Editorial Director, Sunday Guardian

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