Dr. Young Jong Lee


Unification Culture Research Center of JoongAng Daily

Since 1993, he has reported issues related to North Korea. With his nickname, “Pyongyang Correspondent”, he has been reporting, writing, researching North Korean issues and even commentating for some TV shows. In order to cover issues related to North Korea, he has visited North Korea 50 times, including Pyongyang, Wonsan, Nampo, Kaesung, Shinpo, Mt. Baekdu, Mt. Geumgang, and Mt. Myohyang. He served JoongAng Ilbo as a political reporter and the leader of the Foreign Affairs and National Security team. He also served as an independent researcher at Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center for Scholars. Currently, he is the contributor of Lee Yeongjong’s Pyongyang Odyssey. He has been nominated for the executive general of “Peace Building on the Korean Peninsula Foundation”, a new organization founded by Hong, Seok-hyun, the former president of JoongAng Ilbo. However, he plans to serve the foundation as a director because it is hard to work as the executive general while working as a journalist. His nickname, “Pyongyang Correspondent”, shows his expertise and experience on North Korea. He even made an exclusive report of Kim Hansol, the oldest son of Kim Jong-nam who was recently murdered. He has been serving the National Unification Advisory Council as a member throughout the 16th, 17th, and 18th NUAC.