One Dream, One Korea Celebration at Lincoln Memorial to Feature Korean Recording Stars


K-Pop stars today are lending their voices to the cause of Korean unification. Through their music, they want to kindle in young people the desire to see the Korean people become one.

International recording artists Yangpa and Na Yoon Kwon will perform at the One Dream, One Korea Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on August 15, from 3-5pm. NYC-based KPOP dance crew, I LOVE DANCE will also be performing.

The program will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and Korean liberation with a call for Korean unification based on the Korean people’s shared ideals and culture.

The participation of K-Pop artists is part of an unprecedented effort to engage young people in a movement for Korean unity through music and culture, organized in conjunction with the New Era Unification Song Campaign based in Seoul.

Kim Hyung-suk, noted composer of more than 1,000 songs will also attend. His song for Korean unification, written together with musical director, Kolleen Park, and lyricist Kim Eana, will be performed at the event.

“I vividly remember my grandparents crying when they watched the unions of separated families on TV. I will compose the song with that sentiment,” Kim in April when announcing his plan to write a unification song.

Proceeds from this project will go towards ongoing programs to promote public awareness of and support for Korean unification.