Music Producers Announce Korea Unification Song Campaign

Unification song campaign launch

Action for Korea United, a coalition of more than 600 civil society organizations, including the Global Peace Foundation, and a growing number of Korean diaspora are supporting the unification song campaign (Photo Credit: Sports Today Asia)

A team of renowned music producers—composer Kim Hyung-suk, musical director Koleen Park, and lyricist Kim Eana — modeled the song after the 1980s We Are the World song to inspire a vision for Korean unification. The song is an opportunity to heal 70 years of division that has drawn cultural, social, political and ideological divides.

This new unification song was released in August, in time for the Unification Festival to be held on October 9 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Event organizers confirm that many Korean wave celebrities will also perform the song.

Kim Hyung Seok and Kim Lee Nah are part of the lead production team for the new unification song. (Photo Credit: Joong Ahn Daily)

Kim Hyung Suk and Kim Eana are part of the lead production team for the new unification song. (Photo Credit: Joong Ahn Daily)

Kim Hyung-suk, best known for his composition of the score for popular Korean drama “Sassy Girl” recounted his childhood memories of his grandparents’ tears when singing the Korean folk song “Arirang” and watching the reunions between divided families on TV. “I think unity is everyone’s desire. With that same sentiment I will compose a song that can embrace all generations,” he told the press.

The song is part of a larger Korean Unification campaign that is gaining momentum, bridging old political and ideological divides, and drawing the support of several major religious and civil society organizations, as well as notable leaders from the Korean diaspora. The One Dream One Korea campaign, which the New Unification Song campaign is a part of, is a global campaign supported by the One Korea Coalition to advance a global movement for Korean Unification.

Events in the United States and Japan are planned in the lead up to the star-studded festival.