One K Global Campaign

The One K Campaign is a grassroots effort utilizing culture and song to raise awareness and support for a peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. In 2015, the One K Campaign engaged the support of celebrated composer Kim Hyung-suk and lyricist Kim Eana to compose the ‘One Dream One Korea’ song, released as the centerpiece of the campaign. The One K Campaign is supported by the One K Coalition, an alliance organized by Action for Korea United, a body of over 800 civil society organizations committed to advancing Korean reunification. The music video engaged over 30 leading K-pop artists as well as a broad spectrum of political leaders, including current Korean President Jae In Moon, Minister of Unification Yong Hyo Hong, and Saenuri Party leader Moo Sung Kim.

In 2016, the campaign expanded as the One K Global Campaign to include Korean international communities in support of Korean reunification and global peace. Assisting the growing movement, five-time Grammy award-winning producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced a song supporting the global campaign for Korean reunification and global peace, with an inaugural performance at the 2017 Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines. The concert will launch a global tour later in 2017.

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