Korean Unification Forum

Program Overview

This think tank forum will examine the underpinning of values and the potent role of civil society in forging consensus on national unification during two scholarly sessions.

Session I

Moderator: Dr. Jai-poong Ryu, Chairman, One Korea Foundation

  • Amb. Dr. J. Enkhsaikhan, Chairman, Blue Banner (NGO), Mongolia
    Mongolia’s Policy Towards the Two Koreas and its View on the Reunification of the Korean People
  • Mr. Michael Marshall, Director, Research and Publications, GPF
    Bridging Korea’s Past and Future: Hongik Ingan and a Global Ethic
  • Dr. Sung-gi Baik, Former President, POSTECH Pohang University of Science & Technology; President, Association of Sunjin Konkuk for the Unification of Korea
    New Perspective of Civil Movement for Korean Reunification
  • Dr. Myung-hee Lee, Professor, Kongju University
    Prospects and Implications for Unification of Korea Based on Examples of ‘Unification’ and ‘Integrity’ during the Period of the People’s Revolution
  • Dr. Young-rae Kim, Chairman, Development Committee of Civil Society under the Prime Minister of Korea, Former President, Dongduk Women’s University
    The Cooperation Between Government and Civil Society for Fostering Unification of Korea

Session II

Moderator: Dr. Tae-hwan Kwak, Former President, Korea Institute for National Unification/Professor Emeritus, Eastern Kentucky University, USA

  • Ms. Jenny Town, M.I.A., Producer, 38 North and Assistant Director, U.S.-Korea Institute, John Hopkins, School of Advanced International Studies
    Spreading the Mandate for Freedom and Unification throughout the Diaspora
  • Dr. Jin Shin, President, National Strategy Institute, Republic of Korea
    Korean Diaspora in Japan and the Potential Implications of Korean Unification
  • Dr. Wenjing Yang, Chief of American Foreign Policy, Institute of American Studies, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
    The Role of China for Fostering the Peaceful Unification of Korea
  • Dr. Nanjin Dorjsuren, Head of the Center for China, East Asian Studies, Mongolia Institute for Strategic Studies; Head of the Council of Security and Cooperation in Asia Pacific (CSCAP), Mongolia Secretariat
    Why Mongolia Wants to be Part of the Security Framework in Northeast Asia
  • Mr. Kook-han Moon, Korean Representative, International Solidarity of Human Rights for North Koreans,
    The Movement for Human Rights and Freedom for North Koreans

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