The One Korea Global Campaign is creating a platform with popular culture to connect millions around the world to take action for Korean reunification and global peace. Top K-pop and international artists, One K stars, have donated their time and talent to the One K Concerts. Major broadcast companies like KBS and SBS have partnered to reach the global K-pop fanbase.

March 1 Movement 100th Anniversary


Seoul Square, Seoul, Korea

Featuring Top ONE K STARS

2017 One K concert

One K Global Peace Concert 2017 in Manila, Philippines

The third One K Concert will be a part of the March 1 Movement 100-year Commemoration in 2019. More than 20 One K Stars have committed to perform in the impact-making concert that looks back on the significance of the March 1 Movement for Korean independence and envisions a future of reunification and peace.

Theme Song Campaign

Lyricist Kim Eana and Composer Kim Hyung-suk

2019 Korean Dream Theme Song Production

In the 80’s “We Are the World” was a collective effort of internationally renowned artists to raise global awareness and support for famine-stricken Africa.

The New Era Unification Song Campaign was launched with the hopes of creating anthems that would inspire intergenerational, global support for Korean reunification and the fulfillment of the Korean Dream. Since its launch in 2015, K-pop and international celebrities, dubbed One K Stars, have joined in the campaign to produce two far-reaching theme songs.

In 2018 and 19, leading up to the March 1, 2019 centenary, composer Kim Hyung-suk is reaching out to top Korean and international musicians to produce and distribute a new single that addresses the tragedy of the Korean division, while capturing the enduring hope for reunification.

“This is about everybody, not just about reunifying North and South Korea, but reunifying the world. We are more powerful as all of us together than just as one person.”

— Composer, Jimmy Jam

One K Stars Participating in the Project

Hyung Suk Kim
Producer / Composer
  • Director of 2015 campaign
  • Produced / composed the Unification song, One Dream One Korea
  • Ranking 1st in copyright registration
  • Korea’s top composer
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
  • Director of 2017 campaign
  • Composed and produced the Global Campaign song Korean Dream
  • Living legend of global music and godfathers  of R&B
Kim Eana
  • Wrote 2015 Campaign theme song
  • Wrote unification song One Dream One Korea
  • Wrote Good Day for IU and numerous other songs
  • Korea’s best lyricist with  emotional lines and  metaphorical expressions

Previous Songs

2017 Korean Dream

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Five-Time Grammy Award Winners. This song debut in front of a 10,000 crowd at the One K Global Peace Concert in Manila.

“This song we’re giving to the world is really about global peace.”

— Jimmy Jam

Korean Dream Music Video


Jong Dongha
Dami Im
Peabo Bryson
2015 One Dream One Korea
One Dream One Korea was the soundtrack for the closing ceremony at the first Inter-Korea summit with Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in.

One Dream One Korea Music Video

One Dream One Korea Singers:

Young Jae (GOT7), Yangpa, Kyuri (Kara), Yook Joongwan and Kang Joonwoo (Rose Inn), Solji (EXID), Soyoo (Sista), Na Yoon Gwon, Younha, Jungkook (BTS), Ehun (Wonder Girls), Jong Junwoo and Kim Daegyun (Guldu), Kim Joha, Sandul (B1A4), Wendy (Red Velvet), SBS stars Son Joonho, Kim Sohon, Kim Wooju, Yoo Kyungmi and Kim Sunjae, Ken (VIXX), Mina (Girls Day), Joa (AOA), Hong Yongpo (Minister of Reunification), Hon. Kim Musong, Saenuri Party, Hon. Moon JaeIn, New Politics Alliance for Democracy (current President of ROK)

2019 One K Stars

ASTRO performing at March 1 Movement 100-year Commemoration 

Cheetah At 2019 One K concert at the National Assembly Plaza in Seoul, Korea

Featuring ASTRO, TRCNG, G l lde, April, Baek Ji Young, Ben, Cheetah, CLC, Detto, Dreamcatcher, GB 9, Ha Sungwoon, Johan Kim, Jongin and Ali

2017 One K Stars

SHINee at One K Global Peace Concert 2017 in Manila, Philippines

Psy At 2017 One K concert

Featuring Psy, SHINee, CNBlue, B1A4, B.A.P., BTOB, AOA, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Sabrina, Edray, Zendee, Peabo Bryson, Dami Im, Jung Dongha, Voisper

2015 One K Stars

Featuring EXO, Kara, Wonder Girls, Sista, EXID, Girl’s Day, Na YoonKwon, VIXX, In Sooni, Red Velvet, Younha, Kim Johan, BTS, GOT7, Monsta X, MFBTY, SonaMoo, Yangpa, SPICA, Rose Inn, Purfles, Boys Republic

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