The Everyday Unification campaign was launched in Korea supported by Action for Korea United, a coalition of more than 800 civil society organizations who are advancing a coordinated effort to support a peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

One summer, a high school student joined a bike tour from Seoul to Imjinkak as part of the movement. Imjinkak is a city near the 38thparallel divided North and South Korea.

One of the participants of the bike tour was a North Korean. It was the first time for her to view the outer edges of her home nation. The shared experience with the North Korean left a lasting impression on the high school volunteer. “The DMZ is a line drawn across the hearts of every Korean, dividing families, relatives, a people torn in two for almost 60 years,” she writes.

For the rest of the summer, the volunteer participated in other actives like raising funds to support a bread factory in North Korea and organizing awareness campaigns. She writes, “As I asked people to support the “Everyday Unification Movement” the line inside of me came down. And in essence, that is what the movement is asking every Korean to do – contribute to a movement that melts the line that has stood in every heart, family, neighborhood, and our people.”

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