International Forum on One Korea 2017:

Solutions to the Korean Peninsula Crisis

DECEMBER 7-8 | Seoul


Dr. Chan Il Ahn


Action for Korea United

Dr. Ahn, Chan-il is a co-chair of Action for Korea United. He earned his PhD in political science from Konkuk University in Korea, becoming the first North Korean defector who received a PhD in Korea…

Dr. Lkhagvaa Baasanjav

Mongolia Forum for Korean Unification


Rev. Kenneth Bae


Nehemiah Global Initiative

Kenneth Bae was born in Seoul, Korea, on August 1, 1968. His family immigrated to the United States in 1985. Kenneth went to high school in California, attended the University of Oregon, and earned a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri…

Dr. Jae Wan Bahk


Hansun Foundation


Mr. Joseph Bosco

International Advisory Council on Korean Unification

Former U.S. Defense Department Official

Kenneth Bae was born in Seoul, Joseph A. Bosco served as China country director in the office of the secretary of defense, 2005-2006.  He taught a graduate seminar on U.S.-China relations at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is a senior fellow at the Institute for Corean-American Studies

Mr. David Caprara

Vice President

Global Peace Foundation


Mr. H.E. Vincicio Marco Cerezo

Secretary General of the Central America Integration System

Former President, Republic of Guatemala

Vinicio Cerezo is a lawyer and politician in Guatemala, and he is the new Secretary General of the Central American Integration System. He served Guatemala as president from 1986 to 1991…

Ven. Young Dam

Co-standing President

Korean Sharing Movement

Buddhist monk Youngdam is a co-chair of Korean Sharing Movement and an executive director of the Educational Foundation for Korea Abroad. He was the chief priest of Seokwang Temple in Bucheon, a member of the Jogye Order Central Meeting, the CEO of Buddhist Newspaper, and the chief director of Buddhist Broadcasting System.

Dr. Yuwen Deng

Senior Research Fellow

Charhar Institute in China

Dr. Yuwen Deng is a political scholar and expert on Korean issues. He is also a senior researcher of Chinese Chahar Institute and visiting scholar of university of Nottingham, UK. He Published seven works in the New York Times, Financial Times, Singapore Lianhe Zaobao and Hong Kong South China Morning Post…

Dr. Jargalsaikhan Enkhsaikhan


Blue Banner

Dr. Enkhsaikhan is Chairman of Blue Banner NGO, dedicated to promoting the goals of nuclear non-proliferation and Mongolia’s nuclear-weapon-free status. He is an international lawyer and diplomat, represented his country at the United Nations and Austria…

Dr. Edwin Feulner

Founder and President

The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Edwin Feulner is the President of The Heritage Foundation, Washington’s premier conservative policy institute for 37 years (1977-2013).  Feulner served as Treasurer of The Mont Pelerin Society from 1977-2013, except when he was its President (1996-1998)…

Mr. James P. Flynn


Global Peace Foundation

Mr. James P. Flynn serves Global Peace Foundation as its International President. As the executive officer of a large, global network of chapters, he provides leadership and management for Global Peace Foundation’s diverse portfolio of peacebuilding and international development work…

Hon. In-sung Hwang

Secretary General 

National Unification Advisory Council


Mr. Young Sik Kang

Secretary General

Korean Sharing Movement


Mr. Anthony B. Kim

Deputy Chief of Staff to the President

The Heritage Foundation

Anthony B. Kim is Deputy Chief of Staff to President of the Heritage Foundation. In addition, he researches international economic issues at The Heritage Foundation, with a focus on economic freedom and free trade…

Hon. Chang Jun Kim


Kim Chang Jun Politics and Economy Academy


Hon. Choong-hwan Kim


Action for Korea United

Hon. Choong-hwan Kim, served as member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea from 2004 to 2012 and as Chair. of the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee during his last term. He is teaching Politics as professor…

Rev. Hun Il Kim

Catholic Priest

Hun Il Kim, ordained as a priest of the Catholic diocese of Cheongju in 2002, graduated from the North Korean Studies Department of Korea University in 2007 and was the chair of Aid-to-North Korea subcommittee of the Korean Catholic Church’s Reconciliation Committee…

Hon. Jin-pyo Kim


Korean National Assembly

Hon. Jinpyo Kim is a five-term member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea from the ruling Minjoo Party. Currently, he is the chair of the advisory committee. He served as the sixth minister of Education & Human Resources Development and the vice prime minister, and also served as the sixth minster of Strategy and Finance and the vice prime minister…

Dr. Jin Shin


Kyungbook University

Professor Shin Jin has spent more than 20 years as a researcher and educator with his aspiration of peaceful reunification of South Korea and North Korea. He has been given a number of awards, including Fulbright Scholarship and Research Award from the Ministry of Unification. He was a visiting scholar at Columbia University…

Hon. Jong-Kul Lee

Korean National Assembly, Minjoo Party

Hon. Jong-Kul Lee is a five-term member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea and former floor leader of the Minjoo Party. He is President of the Korea-China Cultural Association and also served as Chairman of the Korean Basketball Association and…

Dr. Andrei Lankov

Director, Korea Risk Group

Kookmin University

Andrei Lankov was born on July 26, 1963 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and finished his undergraduate and graduate studies at Leningrad University. During his studies, he had a chance to study at Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang…

Dr. Jong Lim Lee


Yen Byun University

Dr Lee Jonglim is the dean of the Department of Economics and Management at Yanbian University in China. As a researcher, he has participated in and has led research projects of the National Social Science Research Fund of China, the Central Research Institute of Korea, and the Research Fund of Ministry of Education of China…

Dr. Young Jong Lee


Unification Culture Research Center of JoongAng Daily

Since 1993, he has reported issues related to North Korea. With his nickname, “Pyongyang Correspondent”, he has been reporting, writing, researching North Korean issues and even commentating for some TV shows…

Mr. Hyun Lip Joo


Service for Peace Korea

Joo Hyun-Lip is from Goseong County, Gangwon Province. Goseong county was divided into two, just as the Korean peninsula. Therefore, he is pursuing a regional project of small reunification of northern Geseong and southern Geoseng. In 2005, he served as a volunteer director…

Dr. Mitsuhiro Mimura

Senior Research Fellow, Research Division

Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia

Dr. MIMURA Mitsuhiro is a Senior Research Fellow of Research Division at the Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA) in Niigata, Japan. His area of study includes North Korean economy, North Korean law, and…

Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon


Global Peace Foundation

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon established the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) in 2009. Inspired by the vision that all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or culture are members of One Family Under God, the Global Peace Foundation…

Dr. Charles Morrison

Senior Fellow

East West Center


Dr. Madhay Das Nalapat

Editorial Director

Sunday Guardian

Prof. Madhav Das Nalapat (M.D. Nalapat) is Director, Geopolitics &?International Relations, UNESCO Peace Chair. Also Editorial Director?of The Sunday Guardian and Itv network (India), Vice-Chair of Manipal?University’s Advanced Research Group, and Director of the Department?of Geopolitics, Manipal University. He has been the Coordinating? Editor of the Times of India and…

Dr. Kwang Kyu Nam


Korea University

Kwang-kyu Nam, Research Professor in SSK Research Center of Korea University and Director of Maebong Institute for One Korea. He received his Ph.D., Dept. of Political Science, Korea University in Korea. His areas of research cover the fields of North Korea Studies, Inter-Korean Politics, foreign policy of South Korea…

Dr. William Parker

Chief Operating Officer

EastWest Institute

An award-winning author, Dr. Parker has published over thirty academic articles and co-authored the book Jihadist Strategic Communication. His 2016 book, Guaranteeing America’s Security in the Twenty-First Century, is considered a practitioner’s’ guide to national security…

Dr. Jai-Poong Ryu


One Korea Foundation

Dr. Jai Poong Ryu, is Professor emeritus, Loyola University, Maryland. He graduated from Law College/SNU and received a doctorate in sociology from the University of Minnesota…

Mr. Greg Scarlatoiu

Executive Director

U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

Greg Scarlatoiu is Executive Director of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) in Washington, D.C. At HRNK, he has directed the publication of 24 reports and books and leads public, media, and international organization outreach to highlight North Korean human rights abuses…

Mr. Inteck Seo


Action for Korea United

Mr. Inteck Seo is the President of Global Peace Foundation – Korea and Co-Chairman of Action for Korea United, a coalition of over 800 NGOs committed to building a grassroots movement to support Korean reunification…

Mr. Jongwhan Seo


Action for Korea United

Dr. Chang Min Shin


Hanwoori Reunification Research Institute

Dr. Chang-min Shin, Director of Tongil Daebak Institute, Professor Emeritus, Chung-Ang University, also he is Chairman of Unified Economy Research Association.  He earned PhD at Claremont Graduate School in economics, and MA in economics at University of Southern California…

Hon. Sang Jin Shin

Korean National Assembly, Liberty Korea Party

Hon. Sang Jin Shin is a four-term member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea and former Chairman of Policy Committee for the ruling Grand National Party…

Dr. Suk Jin Kim


Kyungpook National University

Professor Kim, Seokjin earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Seoul National University and his PhD in business administration from Georgia State University. He was an assistant professor in…