Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon


Global Peace Foundation

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon established the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) in 2009. Inspired by the vision that all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or culture are members of One Family Under God, the Global Peace Foundation is building a worldwide network of committed and innovative peacebuilders, working in a partnership based on common values, aspirations, and principles.

With the support of partners from government, business, religious, and nonprofit sectors, the Global Peace Foundation has initiated programs that serve as models of innovative approaches to persistent problems of social conflict and under development across the world. These programs operate in Southeast Asia, Africa, North and Latin America, Northeast Asia and recently Europe. They include leadership development and good governance programs, the Character and Creativity Initiative that trains teachers and administrators to better equip students with 21st-Century job skills, and holistic-community driven development models like the All-Lights Village Project. The Global Peace Foundation is also dedicated to empowering and engaging women and youth through the Global Peace Youth and Global Peace Women.

The Global Peace Foundation is just one of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s initiatives. He is actively engaged in a number of other charitable and educational projects like Service For Peace, which he established in 2001. With wide-ranging experience as a spiritual leader, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Dr. Moon stresses the importance of spiritual principles, particularly personal responsibility and integrity of character, as essential elements of effective peace-building. These principles and values have guided Dr. Moon’s entrepreneurial endeavors, and as Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, they guide him as he continues to move the organization forward.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is a graduate of Columbia University and the Harvard MBA program. Dr. Moon was born in Korea and now lives in the United States of America, which he considers his adopted home. He has traveled extensively throughout the world for his international peace work. With a deep love of nature and the wilderness, he is an avid sportsman and accomplished horseman. He represented his country as a member of the Korean Equestrian Team in both the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics (1988 and 1992, respectively). Dr. Moon and his wife, Jun Sook, are the proud parents of nine children.

International Forum on One Korea 2017:

Solutions to the Korean Peninsula Crisis

November 14-15 • Washington, D.C.

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