The One K Global Campaign is using culture and song to build world-wide awareness of the critical need for Korean reunification in securing global peace; and advance values-based efforts to bring about a peaceful reunification of the Korean people.

Begun in 2015, the campaign is supported by the One K Coalition, which is spearheaded by Action for Korea United, a body of over 800 civil society organizations in Korea committed to reunification. In 2015, the campaign released the ‘One Dream One Korea’, a song composed by Kim Hyung-suk with lyrics by Kim Eana. The music video and concert featured over 30 renown K-pop artists and current South Korean President Moon Jae In as well as Minister of Unification Yong Hyo Hong, and Moo Sung Kim. The One K Concert filled the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

In 2016, the campaign expanded to include Korean diaspora and international communities in support of Korean reunification and global peace as the One K Global Campaign. Five-time Grammy award winning due Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis joined the effort, producing a song to support the global campaign that was unveiled at the Global Peace Convention 2017 in Manila Philippines. The concert will launch a global tour later in 2017.


2015 One Dream One Korea song

2015 One Korea song