In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Korean liberation, but also beckoning to the hope of reunification, ad agency Cheil Worldwide has taken an iconic symbol of Korea’s longstanding division, barbed wire from the Demilitarized Zone that runs across the 38th parallel, and constructed a piano that will be displayed at the Seoul Museum of Art from today.

The project is for the Korean Ministry of Unification in light of its planned celebrations on August 15. In a statement, Cheil stated, the Piano of Unification “aims to make people give a thought of national reunification and hope for the peace.”

Songha Lee, from the agency commented on the multiple perspectives of barbed wire, although it can symbolize division, it is also used to symbolize peace. He referred to Christ’s crown of thrones made with border fence’s wires presented to the Pope during his visit to Korea last year.

In a similar vein, the team has taken the wire and made it into an instrument that can produce music to stir the dream of one Korea in the hearts of the Korean people. The piano will be part of the musical performances on August 15 in Seoul.

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