Hong-ik Ingan, the ancient Korean ethic that promotes living for the benefit of the world, has served as a centerpiece in emphasizing the shared values of North and South Korea, and is a building block for the Korean Dream.

Action for Korea United and its member organizations, like the Global Peace Foundation have designed programs and projects that emphasize and promote the ethic of Hongik-ingan, encouraging Koreans to make service a part of their everyday lives, and strive to become a model of a virtuous people who can become a model for the world.


  • All-Lights Village Program – 

Begun in 2012, the All-Lights Village Program (link to the hong-ingan story) was inspired by a Korean who wanted to find ways to get his country to serve his greater worldwide family. The project begins with providing solar powered lamps to off-the-grid communities, but sustains long-term commitments that have worked with local leaders to develop community building centers and economic activity.

  • Global Peace Youth Exchange

The Korean Dream Overseas Service Team engages youth from North and South Korea in joint overseas development projects and cultural exchange. The shared experience of serving abroad has brought youth from around the world closer together in a shared commitment to better the condition of their human family. Furthermore, a growing group of young Koreans who have graduated from the Youth Exchange, from both sides of the 38th parallel, have continued to contribute to ongoing efforts for reunification and promoting the Korean ethic of hongik ingan through local service work.

  • Korean Dream House

Promoting the ethic of hongik-ingan happens not only abroad, but at home. The Korean Dream House project engages local volunteers to deep-clean the house of disadvantaged neighbors. In 2015, a special grant from Chungsu Cooperation hosted monthly clean-up. Volunteers not only cleaned the house, they did basic repair and remodeling work on the houses.

  • Kimchi Making Service Project

Kimjang, or Kimchee making, is traditionally a community activity. The ‘Korean Dream Kimchi Making Sharing Project,’ sponsored by organizations like North Korea Defected College Students Debate Association, and Global Peace Youth, are held regularly in Seoul with North and South Korean local residents. The Kimchee and donations are distributed to in-need families, North Korean defector communities, and local volunteer organizations.

  • Lunch delivery for elders living alone

The growing elderly population in Korea is an ever growing social issue. Many of the elderly live alone with little support. Starting from 2013, the Global Peace Women Peace Dream Service Team has been delivering lunch boxes to elderly living alone on the third and fourth Wednesday of the month. The lunch delivery service has become an opportunity for volunteers to connect to local elderly and keep tabs on their health and welfare.