Transitioning from life in North Korea to South Korea is extremely challenging for the more than 27,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea. 60% of them are between their 20’s to 40’s and more than 70% are women. As part of ongoing efforts to engage Koreans, both from the North and South to raise awareness and get involved to address the issues of reunification, Action for Korea United and its partners have initiated various support programs to help North Koreans settle in South Korea and break down the cultural divide.


  • History Education Academy

The History Education Academy for North Koreans resettlers provides a broad perspective of world and regional history, paying particular attention to the shared history of the Korean people. In addition to classes, the academy has created a special tour of historic sites that highlight the heritage of the Korean people.

  • Korean Dream Ping-Pong Tournament

To uplift North Korean defectors and connect them to their new communities, the “Korean Dream Table Tennis” program hosts weekly classes that culminate in an annual city-wide festival that brings North and South Korea in healthy competition and celebration of their common culture and desire for reunification.