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Welcome to the Take Action Page, Ambassadors!
Our hope is that every single person coming from different nationalities and backgrounds can become a beacon of light supporting the unification of North and South Korea to build a peaceful new nation that can live for the benefit of all humanity.

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What You Can Do

Awareness, Education, Action  

There are so many ways to take action. We are building out a library of tool kits for you. 

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Take Action Ideas

Coffee Talks

Begin a coffee talk with someone from the AKU network and a group of interested individuals in an open discussion.

Meet Ups

Expand your network and meet up with people who are passionate about similar issues and join events or start new ones together.

Spread Awareness

Transform hearts and minds by bringing together South Koreans and defectors in service through initiating discussions and personal reflections.

Book Clubs

Organize a book club and read a book about Korean unification together with others.


Collect donations for the One Korea Global Campaign.

Unification Talks (U-Talks)

Host a U-Talk (like TEDx Talks) in your community, inviting a speaker of why they support Korean unification.

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We encourage you to use all of the resources we provide here to start your own campaign, discussions, photo shoots, video projects, etc. to support the international movement supporting the Korean Dream and the vision of a unified Korea.

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