Global Forum on the Role of Republic of Korea in Development

The Forum will focus on highlighting the role of ROK in global humanitarian service and development, strengthening the contribution of youth engagement and volunteerism to enhance development and peace and scale up successful programs and models involving youth and multilateral partners. Particular attention will be given to improving coordination among sectors, building consensus and partnerships, and mobilizing resources in ROK.

Session I

Moderator: Ingill Ra, Co-Chair, APPDSA, GPF

  • Raila Odinga, Former Prime Minister, Kenya
  • Marco Vinicio Cerezo, Former President, Guatemala
  • Royboon Rassameethes, Deputy Director, Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute
  • Corey Griffin, Former Associate Director, US Peace Corps
  • Ki-Seok Kim, President, Educators without borders, Honrary Consul of Burkina Faso
  • Brigadier Ahmed Khalfan Al Mansoori, General Secretary, Mohamed Rashed AlMatoum Award for World Peace

Session II

Moderator: Yeqing Li, Director, Global Peace Youth

  • Yi-Jong Kwon, President, Africa and Asia Development Relief Foundation, Former Deputy Minister of Education
  • Leonard Faustino, President, Global Peace Youth Philippines
  • Douglas Ragan, Director, Youth Unit, UN Habitat
  • Gwy-Am Shin, Professor, Ajou University, Scientists and Engineers without Borders
  • Sora Kang, GPM Camp (Global Peace Makers Camp) Volunteer