KolleenPKolleen Park is a member of the core team spearheading the New Unification Song Campaign launched earlier this year. Teaming up with Kim Hyung Seok and lyricist Kim Eana, the trio is producing a song to inspire Koreans around the world with the dream of One Korea.

Kolleen Park (Korean name: Youngmi Park, 5/1/1967 ~) is an active art director and professor. She has directed over 70 plays including, renown Broadway productions like “The Phantom of the Opera”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Aida”, and “Chicago.” She gained public popularity early in 2007 with her contributions to KBS TV drama series like “The Qualification of Men” and “The Harmony.” She is founder of Kyyk Musical Academy, serves as dean of faculty of the Art Academy of Korea (KAC).

Born in the USA, she spend most of her childhood in Busan. Her artistic style is a fusion of classical, US and traditional Korean which she brings to her works and productions.