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International Forum on One Korea 2020

One Dream. One Korea. One World.

Bringing peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Celebrate August 15th

The National Liberation Day is the only holiday celebrated
in both Koreas to honor the independence of their homeland.

Remember March 1st

The start of the Independence Movement in South Korea.
Hopefully, also the beginning of One Korea.

About Our Campaign

The One Korea Global Campaign

1Dream1Korea Video

is a growing popular movement that expands Korean-led initiatives and international supportors to advance the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

What We Do

and Awareness




Participants include South Korean and international elected officials, Korea scholars and experts, civic and faith leaders, K-pop stars, youth, and global citizens.

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One Dream.
One Korea.
One World.

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One Korea Global Campaign
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“Korean unification is important for everyone!”

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